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About Us


Our magazine is for both men and women over 50 who live in a park home or are considering a move to a park home.

It is a magazine that reflects life as a whole. It includes advice, products and services for park homes and reflects the wider aspects of life, beyond  the park home.

We are part of a group of companies that have worked with park homes for fifteen years; we have contributors and partners who live in park homes. We understand park home life.




Park Home Resident Magazine offers a guide to the best that park home manufacturers create; news relating to new homes; industry insight, reviews, award-winners and photo-stories.



Our Magazine will showcase the best and most sought-after park home sites.



The magazine provides guides and information created by industry professionals that are designed to be retained and referred to again and again by readers.



The magazine is being created with the support and input of residents, creating a magazine that is specifically for them and meeting their needs way beyond just that of living in a park home.



The magazine will look at all aspects of park home lifestyle both those that are unique to residents but also looking at all aspects of life for a mortgage-free person over fifty.



Community Warmth are a key partner offering  advice on all aspects of staying safe, warm, healthy and happy in a park home in association with their Charity and Council partners.



Local stories and information are very important and we offer regional, county and park-site specific news, stories and inclusions.



We value and want contributions from residents. If you want to share a one-off story with us or have an idea for an article, get in touch.

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